Prophets for Hire: A Messianic Plague

Several weeks ago on the way to our Shabbat services (Summer 2008), I mentioned to my family that with Balak (Numbers 22:2-25:9) being the Torah portion, it would be an excellent time for our congregational leader to address some of the problems associated with immorality in the camp. In light of our desire to keep him informed about some of the problems emerging in the Messianic community today, we had loaned him our copy of a vile volume circulating that endorsed polygamy and a number of other serious sexual deviations.

Peaceful Proclamations

The indwelling power of the Holy Spirit of God is an awesome advantage Believers have, as the Comforter or Helper has been placed into the hearts of the faithful, to lead and teach them what the will of the Almighty is for His Creation (John 14:16, 26). With this reality manifesting itself in a very real and practical way, recent impressions from the Holy One, have given me a much fuller appreciation for what He is allowing to transpire during this critical season of the Messianic restoration currently proceeding. Hopefully, by a fuller and more mature understanding of the providential plans of the Lord God, this article will describe some of the means which have often been used by Him to communicate His will to humanity, recognizing the various limitations, because His ways and thoughts are far beyond mortal comprehension (Isaiah 58:8-9). After all, our Maker desires an intimate relationship with His human creations—and regardless of how He achieves it—He utilizes the peaceful proclamation of His Word to achieve His objectives.

The Rules of Engagement

Since 1995, our family has been committed to a Messianic approach to our faith in Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah of Israel and Savior of the world. While many evangelical Christian Believers have heard about the Messianic movement, Hebraic Roots, Jewish Roots, ancient paths, etc.—and in various degrees have been enriched by this perspective—our family is among the many thousands who have moved beyond enrichment, and have made things like the seventh-day Sabbath, appointed times of Leviticus 23, and kosher a part of how we live our lives. We take God’s Word, and especially the Law of Moses or the Torah (the Biblical Books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy), very seriously. Having been called into not only a Messianic walk of faith, but also Messianic ministry, gives us a unique perspective on various issues that many of your average Believers do not have.

Departed Family and the Sovereignty of God – September 2019 OIM News

Inevitably, the work of the ministry that we have been called to walk by faith, always seems to be full of unexpected twists and turns—where the Almighty One is consistently teaching us more about Him and His ways, so we might come to know Him even more intimately. For whatever reasons over the past several decades, the last few weeks of August and the beginning weeks of September, typically have major life altering events occurring within our family. This past month and into September is no different, especially with the homegoing of Margaret’s one hundred year and nine month old mother, Mary Ruth Franklin Jeffries, on August 30 in Jacksonville, FL, and followed by her burial in Birmingham, AL on September 9. An epoch definitely closed in our family, that we are significantly reflecting on!