Outreach Israel Ministries
26 December, 2019

Does the Holy Spirit Obey the Word of God?

During the early stages of the Messiah’s ministry, His cousin John the Immerser/Baptist announced a principle to his disciples, which in many regards, denotes the life long challenge for every dedicated follower of the God of Israel. Simply spoken, John’s conclusion that he must decrease, so that the Messiah would increase, was confirmed by his explanation concerning who Yeshua was, where He came from, what He spoke, and that He would give the Spirit to His followers without measure, in order that they might receive eternal life and avoid the wrath of God…

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19 December, 2019

A Messianic Evolution?

One of the many blessings of being intimately involved with the Messianic community of faith for nearly two decades, is the opportunity to reflect on the curious development of what we truly believe is a genuine move of the Holy Spirit. By the grace of God, our family has not just been passive observers, since 1995, but we have also been called to be active participants, in attempting to bring forth, as accurately as humanly possible, what we believe the Lord is doing with His people at this time in history. This responsibility has not been taken lightly! We know that the Holy Scriptures place a higher degree of accountability upon those who are to exposit upon its truths…

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