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 Messianic Helper Series

The Messianic Helper series edited by Margaret McKee Huey include a series of books with instructional information on how to have a Messianic home and to properly live as a Messianic Believer.


Books by Mark Huey

Outreach Israel Ministries director Mark Huey has written Torah commentaries and reflections that are thought provoking and very enlightening for Messianic Believers today.


Books by J.K. McKee

Messianic Apologetics editor J.K. McKee has written on Messianic theology and practice, including studies on Torah observance, the end-times, and commentaries that are helpful to those who have difficult questions to answer.


Scripture Commentaries

Messianic Apologetics has produced a variety of commentaries on various books of the Bible under the “for the Practical Messianic” byline. These can be used in an individual, small group, or congregational study.


Confronting Issues

The following are some mini-books produced by Messianic Apologetics, specifically designed to address controversial theological topics facing a widely divided Messianic movement.