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Outreach Israel Ministries director Mark Huey has written Torah commentaries and reflections that are thought provoking and very enlightening for Messianic Believers today.

TorahScope, Volume I

TorahScope Haftarah Exhortations

TorahScope, Volume II

TorahScope Apostolic Scriptures Reflections

TorahScope, Volume III

Counting the Omer: A Daily Devotional Toward Shavuot

Sayings of the Fathers: A Messianic Perspective on Pirkei Avot

William Mark Huey became a Believer in the Messiah of Israel in 1978, but it was a Zola Levitt tour to Israel in 1994 with his wife Margaret, which sparked an ardent search for answers about the Hebraic and Jewish Roots of our faith, and the significance of the Torah, Biblical festivals, and the seventh-day Sabbath/Shabbat—among other things. By 1995, his family became members of a Messianic Jewish congregation in Dallas, Texas, and their pursuit for truth intensified. Within a year, Mark formed a conference-producing enterprise called “The Remnant Exchange,” and began hosting prophecy conferences and seminars with increasing Messianic understanding and emphasis. Mark’s business experience, owning a commercial real estate brokerage company, coupled with Margaret’s ownership of a cross-stitch design company, led them to form a ministry consulting business which worked with a variety of Messianic ministries from 1997-2002. Mark and Margaret have dedicated their lives to serving the Lord in order to use their God-given gifts, talents, and abilities to advance His Kingdom until the Messiah returns.

By 2002, after years of exposure to tangible evidence that the prophesied “restoration of all things” (Acts 3:21) was becoming a reality, the impetus to focus energy and attention on Israel, the people, the Land, and Torah-centered Messianic teachings merged together. The outcome was the formation of Outreach Israel Ministries, of which Mark serves as Director, and Margaret as Business Manager. From the beginning of Outreach Israel Ministries, the need to educate and to minister to the expanding number of Messianics has always been at the heart of the mission. The merger with TNN Online in 2003 (now Messianic Apologetics) substantially enhanced the capabilities. Today, both Outreach Israel Ministries and Messianic Apologetics have a significant role to play in aiding the people of the broad Messianic movement, in the theological and spiritual issues that they face—as many Jewish people are coming to faith in Israel’s Messiah, and many evangelical Christians embrace their faith heritage in Israel’s Scriptures in tangibly new ways.

Mark is the author of a number of books which focus on encouraging others to embrace the Hebraic and Jewish roots of our faith. These include the commentaries, TorahScope, Volumes I, II, & III, TorahScope Haftarah Exhortations, TorahScope Apostolic Scriptures Reflections, and the devotionals, Counting the Omer and Sayings of the Fathers: A Messianic Perspective on the Pirkei Avot.

Mark is a graduate of Vanderbilt University with a B.A. in history, with graduate studies toward a master’s degree in aviation management completed at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Mark has served in leadership roles at Messianic congregations and fellowships, as an elder at Beit Yisrael Congregation in Orlando, FL (2005-2010), and as both an ordained shammash (deacon) and elder at Eitz Chaim Messianic Jewish Synagogue of Richardson, TX (2014-present). Mark and Margaret Huey currently reside in Dallas, TX and have five grown children and two grandchildren.