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Outreach Israel News 2013 Back Issues – paperback


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January – “Our Peaceful Messianic Mission: Never Look Back” by Mark Huey

February – “Restoration Patterns” by Mark Huey

March – “Do Not Pass-Over Sabbaths” by Mark Huey

April – “Wheat and Tares” by Mark Huey

May – “Our Messianic Journey: An Historical Perspective” by Mark Huey

June – “Cornerstone Foundation” by Mark Huey

July – “Signs of the Time” by Mark Huey

August – “The Significance of the Messiah Event” by Margaret McKee Huey and J.K. McKee

September – “Teshuvah: A Season of Return” by Mark Huey

October – “Galatians 3:24-25: ‘to Messiah’ or ‘until Messiah came’?” by J.K. McKee

November – “‘Christmas is Pagan’: How to Offend Family and Alienate Friends” by J.K. McKee

December – “An End-Time Move of the Holy Spirit” by Mark Huey


198 pages

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