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Outreach Israel News 2011 Back Issues – paperback


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January – “Seeking the Holy One of Israel” by Mark Huey

February – “Salt, Light, and Torah Obedience” by Mark Huey

March – “Ancient Advice Revisited” by Mark Huey

April – “Yeshua’s Recommended Approach to the Father” by Mark Huey

May – “The Essence of Torah” by Mark Huey

June – “Shavuot, Love, and Good Deeds” by J.K. McKee

July – “Reaching Out to the Least” by J.K. McKee

August – “Empowered by the Spirit” by Mark Huey

September – “Who Will We Serve?” by Mark Huey

October – “Tishri: Seventh Month Reboot” by Mark Huey

November – “A Messianic Measure of Faith” by Mark Huey

December – “Chanukah and Encountering Worldly Philosophies” by J.K. McKee


214 pages

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