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OIM Technology Fund

This past October, we have just setup the new Messianic Apologetics channels on iTunes and Podomatic, which both have over 200 freely available audio teachings, with more teachings being added on a semi-daily basis. These audio teachings are also archived on our YouTube channel. This past October, I have also started livestreaming via Periscope, several times a week, with these broadcasts later archived on our YouTube channel.

The quantity of social media teachings, audio and video, requires that I work in an office where I can easily multi-task. I have a main computer from which I do the bulk of my writing, and a secondary computer which does the bulk of our audio and video editing. Having two machines has been very helpful in seeing our initial push this year on YouTube, and now both iTunes and Podomatic!

In order to stay productive, on both the audio and video fronts, the machine I have which presently edits audio and video teachings, needs to shift over exclusively to audio. Both of my present computers run Windows. Last week, however, when I was streaming via Periscope, I had to take the video when completed, edit it on my iPhone, and then attempt three times to copy it over to my Windows computer before uploading it to YouTube. Just copying it to my computer took an hour, when it should have only taken 5-6 minutes. This was not time well spent.

After conducting some research, I have decided that my third computer will need to be on the Mac OS platform, which as many of you know is ideal for video editing. Please consider investing in our ministry’s ongoing¬†Technology Fund by helping us purchase the following computer and flatscreen monitor. In so doing, you will be making an investment into the contribution we will be making in producing more video teachings, to be freely available to people across the world:

From our inception in 2002, the bulk of the work of Outreach Israel Ministries has been Internet based. Now in the 2010s, a huge component of the work of Outreach Israel and Messianic Apologetics focuses on utilizing the venues of social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. These avenues help us have exposure to a wide and growing Messianic community, directing others to our two websites and our ministry writings and publications. It is only going to get bigger!

In the past year, our significant utilization of these tools has significantly stretched our current technological capacities to their limit. Our ministry has always been extremely frugal when it comes to our computers, so much so that we have often only upgraded our computers when one has completely died on us. We now have definite needs for us to always be processing more and more video and audio teachings, and multi-task. With the steadfastness of us always working on something, we need you to join with us in the new Technology Fund.

Given our budgetary constraints, it is not easy for us to go and spend several thousand dollars on new computers in the course of a month or two, and in the past needs were often put off until forced upon us. Help us continue to be productive!

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